Thursday, February 2, 2012

This is the part where I give Gamer Boys the business!!

Listen up, gamer boys!! I can put up with your superior attitudes when it comes to FPS and I can put up with your love of Double D's on a girl avatar but what i can NOT put up with is your blatant disregard of the fact that we gamer girls actually EXIST IN THE FIRST PLACE!! Maybe not all of your girly friends play games or would even want to but, you know what? Not EVERY guy I know plays games either!! How do you like them apples? Ya...the gamer world does not belong SOLELY to you. I know it's hard to accept but it's true.

I know some of you don't quite understand where this is coming from so let me show you. BEHOLD!! The biggest piece of FAIL since "The Man Show".

This freaking so-called "advertisement" was sent out to gamer boys all OVER the country and, frankly, I'm appalled. I don't WANT your stupid flowers!!! I want a new video game AND a World of Warcraft card!! I want to shove C-4 so far up Gamestop's ASS right now! AND I want to FrostFire Bolt any gamer boy that doesn't realize his significant other likes gaming more than flowers!

Right now, gamer girls all over the country are blogging about this ad and telling their readers how much they hate it. Because, you just don't understand, America. We want to be taken seriously also. We want emails like this saying "Buy your man a 6-pack so you can game ALL day" (insert smiley face). We want to be more than a sexy avatar or a dude in a gilly suit (cuz there are no girl options) with a hot voice.

Hear us, gamer boys!!! We are coming for you!!! BOOM!! HEADSHOT! and then a teabag for good measure ;)