Monday, October 31, 2011

It's the Great Halloween blog post, Charlie Brown!

Happy Halloween, boys and ghouls!!

Today is the day we all put on our alter-ego outfits and, if you're a woman, show off our assets for cheap tricks and treats. I  always plan to be something super cool for Halloween but since my birthday is a few days before and my son's right after mine, I never put much money or effort behind it becuz I have to buy him and myself prezzies. YES! I buy myself prezzies! Who doesn't?!?!
Anyway, this year I got up off of my bootie and searched for a costume. Went to like 2 different stores and everything! just like all the other Halloween costume searchers. AND I got the most awesomest costume EVER! A ninja hood and a katana. It came in a set for like $10 and all I have to do is provide the black clothing! Which I have plenty of cuz black is very slimming if you MUST know :P

Every year, me and husband fight over who is taking the kids trick-or-treating and every year I get picked cuz the boys love me more and want me with them. But, this year, I guilted them into picking daddy. I complained about how it's so far to walk because nobody really gives out candy and I have to walk ALL OVER the neighborhood just to get them a decent haul and my feet are always aching while Daddy is sitting on his ass watching basketball (usually :( ) and handing out candy. So the boys felt so sorry for me, they picked daddy and told him it was his turn! Yay me!!

I always get annoyed because we always give out good candy and my kids come home with generic shit so I always tell my husband not to buy the good candy but he always does. Yesterday, we were out shopping and he said he needed more candy so I grabbed a box of 50 Halloween fruit snacks in the generic Target Brand and he was like "No, babe. I only buy name brand candy. That's not how I roll" and I was like "But but but there's 50 in here!" and gave him my innocent eyes and he sighed and put the box in the basket. tee hee I'm saving myself money and getting back at those little brat's parents for not buying the good candy. Shame on you if you buy cheap candy!! And shame on you MORE for not handing out candy but sending your kids out to collect! That's like accepting Christmas prezzies and not buying any for anyone! FOR SHAME!!

The boys are extremely excited for tonight and will be gallavanting around the entire neighborhood as a phantom, Harry Potter and Luigi Mario. And I don't know what daddy is going to be yet but I'm gonna be slicing and dicing little brats as a ninja! HIYAAAAA!!!

Ooh ya....and giving out generic Halloween fruit snacks. HIYAAAAAA!!!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Sometimes the hype is more than I can handle....

and sometimes the hype is more than the deliverance. Which is what happened to me last when I watched the hour and a half premiere of The Walking Dead. You guys know me. You know I love zombies and you know I love when they nom people's brains and you know I love when people fight back. So, I was SO excited for The Walking Dead to come back after almost a year hiatus. When a show is gone THAT long, they're either working on some REALLY AWESOME shit or they're cancelled and, much to our delight, we heard they were back due to the former.

So, I watched it and I was excited cuz it started off REALLY good. They found all these cars and they were salvaging things and they were all happy and then what do you know? A freaking "herd" of zombies comes through and they have to hide under the cars and watch zombie feet and then one gets in the camper and tries to eat Andrea and she stabs him in the eye all badass with a screwdriver. And then comes the cause of the boringness: Carol's freaking dumbass daughter, Sophia, gets out from under the car too early and a couple of damn stragglers see her and try to nom her brain. So she runs off into the woods and Rick chases her and then makes the zombies chase him and tells Sophia which way to run and when he comes back to get her, she's gone. So he goes back to camp and lo and behold, she isn't freaking there. So they spend the ENTIRE hour and a half looking for her little ass. Then, they hear church bells and they think it's her so they run there and there's a few more zoms and some more badass head chopping by the survivors and my utter dismay....some praying.

Ok, I know for the sake of story-telling that when someone prays, they do it all hardcore and say some powerful shit but, first, Sophia's mom has to pray and ask Jesus or whoever to forgive her for putting up with her p.o.s husband blah blah blah. THEN, we have to listen to Rick ask Jesus or whoever for a sign cuz he's having a hard time being the leader wah wah wah. Let me ask you this? Is it NOT enough that we have to listen to Rick talk to himself in that freaking horrible country accent for 30 minutes at the beginning of every episode?!?!? But then to have to listen to, not one but TWO people pray in the SAME episode? I actually considered changing it. Then, some more searching...

Then at the end, we get the climax. A literal BOOM to end the episode. End credits.

I am a fan of The Walking Dead. I am a fan of zombies. I am NOT, however, a fan of creating a mountain of hype and then letting your promises flutter with every passing second and actually putting people to sleep. Don't get me wrong. The scenes for next week's episode look exciting. As do the scenes for the rest of the season but PLEASE, for the LOVE of all things zombified, no more endless searching and praying. Just leave the little brat in the damn woods and let's move on!!

On a side note: The Talking Dead was absolutely phenomenal and I love Chris Hardwick more today than I ever have before <3

Thursday, October 13, 2011

My Birthday Wish List

That's right! You know the Princess rolls like this! I have to write a blog cuz my wish list is too extraordinary for mere paper. So make sure you save your pennies cuz here it is: (There's linkies so make sure you click them)

1. This extremely awesome Chewbacca purse It's so super beautiful. I want!

2. The book Sad Monsters by Frank Lesser I heart it!

3. The book My Little Geek ABC Book I got to read it to Devyn :D

4. A gift card to Austin Books and Comics

5. A gift card for my WoW account Aren't I awesome?

6.  This shirt cuz I LOVE it!! It's Real for Us, yo

7. This bracelet DFTBA

8.  Money :D

This is the best I could do on such short notice but you love meeee, right??

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Dreams and Coffee....So Much Excitement!

A while back I had the craziest dream that I was Alice(Scarlett?) in Wonderland and I went to a Mad Tea Party and it was filled with the most insane bunch of beings. Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory was the Mad Hatter and he was joined by one of my coworkers, 2 of my Guildies (twins, I might add) and my bestie, Cissy. Now, some people would try to interpret this dream and analyze it and try to come up with a meaning for the future. What could this dream possibly mean? Well, let's break it down:

1. I was a tea party and was drinking tea (obviously). The interpretation of tea in a dream denotes your contentment and comfort in your life. Hmm...Score 1 for dream interpretation.

2. My coworker was there and he happens to be male and we were NOT having sex. The interpretation of a dream of a coworker represents your interaction with them or your hopes of interaction with them. Do I WANT to have tea with my coworker? No. Once I leave work, I'm done with these guys! Score 0 for dream interpretation on this one.

3. 2 of my guildies were there and they happen to be twins and there was NO sex involved. The interpretation of dreams of twins reflects opposite or contrasting feelings. Having conflicted feelings about a certain decision after weighing the pros and cons. NOPE! Wrong again, dream interpretation. I almost never weigh the pros and cons about a decision. I'm quite impulsive actually. It's my husband that does all that "thinking" stuff. So, score another 0 on this one.

4. My bestie, Cissy, was there. Again, no sex. Pervs. :p The interpretation of dreaming of a friend is mostly about you. This friend may have traits that you desire in yourself. Okay, I can buy this. She's totally awesome and amazing and creative and funny and and smart beautiful and, yes, these are ALL traits that I desire in myself. I'd like to think I have a FEW of these qualities already :) Score another 1 for dream interpretation.

5. Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory was there and no sex took place. The interpretation of a celebrity in a dream and no making out or sex is involved means that you admire the qualities this person has and that you would like to achieve this level of fame and/or acceptance.  Hmm...ya, I'd like to be famous. I'd REALLY like to be famous for being a smart person so I'll give another point to dream interpretation.

Now to let you in on a little secret. I don't believe in dream interpretation. I believe dreams are just a jumble of things that happened to you in your day. yes, that is my totally scientific answer.
Stuff + more stuff = a dream
That day, I watched The Big Bang Theory. I watch it every day. Sheldon is my favorite. :) I probably dreamed about Cissy cuz i love her and I talk to her every day. My Guildies were in my dream becuz I probably played WoW that day and we talk online. And I probably dreamed I was Alice becuz my head IS a wonderland from which there is no escape. And it probably had something to do with the coffee I drank. Full of vanilla wonderfulness.

Isn't coffee great?!? It gives ME loads of creative energy! i think of a million ideas and then I think of a million more to implement them. Sadly, not all of them come in fruition but I try.  I do little things here and there to make most of them a reality and spread them out so my frenz get the benefits. My sissy once remarked that she LOVES getting letters from me cuz they're so much fun :D <---super happy face

New formula:
stuff(awesome)+ vanilla coffee x speed of idea flow = dream