Monday, October 17, 2011

Sometimes the hype is more than I can handle....

and sometimes the hype is more than the deliverance. Which is what happened to me last when I watched the hour and a half premiere of The Walking Dead. You guys know me. You know I love zombies and you know I love when they nom people's brains and you know I love when people fight back. So, I was SO excited for The Walking Dead to come back after almost a year hiatus. When a show is gone THAT long, they're either working on some REALLY AWESOME shit or they're cancelled and, much to our delight, we heard they were back due to the former.

So, I watched it and I was excited cuz it started off REALLY good. They found all these cars and they were salvaging things and they were all happy and then what do you know? A freaking "herd" of zombies comes through and they have to hide under the cars and watch zombie feet and then one gets in the camper and tries to eat Andrea and she stabs him in the eye all badass with a screwdriver. And then comes the cause of the boringness: Carol's freaking dumbass daughter, Sophia, gets out from under the car too early and a couple of damn stragglers see her and try to nom her brain. So she runs off into the woods and Rick chases her and then makes the zombies chase him and tells Sophia which way to run and when he comes back to get her, she's gone. So he goes back to camp and lo and behold, she isn't freaking there. So they spend the ENTIRE hour and a half looking for her little ass. Then, they hear church bells and they think it's her so they run there and there's a few more zoms and some more badass head chopping by the survivors and my utter dismay....some praying.

Ok, I know for the sake of story-telling that when someone prays, they do it all hardcore and say some powerful shit but, first, Sophia's mom has to pray and ask Jesus or whoever to forgive her for putting up with her p.o.s husband blah blah blah. THEN, we have to listen to Rick ask Jesus or whoever for a sign cuz he's having a hard time being the leader wah wah wah. Let me ask you this? Is it NOT enough that we have to listen to Rick talk to himself in that freaking horrible country accent for 30 minutes at the beginning of every episode?!?!? But then to have to listen to, not one but TWO people pray in the SAME episode? I actually considered changing it. Then, some more searching...

Then at the end, we get the climax. A literal BOOM to end the episode. End credits.

I am a fan of The Walking Dead. I am a fan of zombies. I am NOT, however, a fan of creating a mountain of hype and then letting your promises flutter with every passing second and actually putting people to sleep. Don't get me wrong. The scenes for next week's episode look exciting. As do the scenes for the rest of the season but PLEASE, for the LOVE of all things zombified, no more endless searching and praying. Just leave the little brat in the damn woods and let's move on!!

On a side note: The Talking Dead was absolutely phenomenal and I love Chris Hardwick more today than I ever have before <3


  1. Tis true - sometimes the hype overshadows the reality.

  2. I, respectfully, disagree. I loved the show. Now, I watched episodes 1 and 2 back to back so maybe I have a little different perspective since to me it was like 1 long 2.5 hour episode. But it got me engaged in the characters (it wasnt just about the zombies) so when the Zombies did come - it was more impactful. I found myself holding my breath when they were under the car (even though I knew no-one died in the first episode). And when the boy was shot - and that whole second episode. I thought it was heart wrenching - again - very little Zombies. And then at the end, when the Zombies came at the school it was awesome. I just hope the large guy doesn't die cause he looks like an expendable character but would like to see him survive.