Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Dreams and Coffee....So Much Excitement!

A while back I had the craziest dream that I was Alice(Scarlett?) in Wonderland and I went to a Mad Tea Party and it was filled with the most insane bunch of beings. Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory was the Mad Hatter and he was joined by one of my coworkers, 2 of my Guildies (twins, I might add) and my bestie, Cissy. Now, some people would try to interpret this dream and analyze it and try to come up with a meaning for the future. What could this dream possibly mean? Well, let's break it down:

1. I was a tea party and was drinking tea (obviously). The interpretation of tea in a dream denotes your contentment and comfort in your life. Hmm...Score 1 for dream interpretation.

2. My coworker was there and he happens to be male and we were NOT having sex. The interpretation of a dream of a coworker represents your interaction with them or your hopes of interaction with them. Do I WANT to have tea with my coworker? No. Once I leave work, I'm done with these guys! Score 0 for dream interpretation on this one.

3. 2 of my guildies were there and they happen to be twins and there was NO sex involved. The interpretation of dreams of twins reflects opposite or contrasting feelings. Having conflicted feelings about a certain decision after weighing the pros and cons. NOPE! Wrong again, dream interpretation. I almost never weigh the pros and cons about a decision. I'm quite impulsive actually. It's my husband that does all that "thinking" stuff. So, score another 0 on this one.

4. My bestie, Cissy, was there. Again, no sex. Pervs. :p The interpretation of dreaming of a friend is mostly about you. This friend may have traits that you desire in yourself. Okay, I can buy this. She's totally awesome and amazing and creative and funny and and smart beautiful and, yes, these are ALL traits that I desire in myself. I'd like to think I have a FEW of these qualities already :) Score another 1 for dream interpretation.

5. Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory was there and no sex took place. The interpretation of a celebrity in a dream and no making out or sex is involved means that you admire the qualities this person has and that you would like to achieve this level of fame and/or acceptance.  Hmm...ya, I'd like to be famous. I'd REALLY like to be famous for being a smart person so I'll give another point to dream interpretation.

Now to let you in on a little secret. I don't believe in dream interpretation. I believe dreams are just a jumble of things that happened to you in your day. yes, that is my totally scientific answer.
Stuff + more stuff = a dream
That day, I watched The Big Bang Theory. I watch it every day. Sheldon is my favorite. :) I probably dreamed about Cissy cuz i love her and I talk to her every day. My Guildies were in my dream becuz I probably played WoW that day and we talk online. And I probably dreamed I was Alice becuz my head IS a wonderland from which there is no escape. And it probably had something to do with the coffee I drank. Full of vanilla wonderfulness.

Isn't coffee great?!? It gives ME loads of creative energy! i think of a million ideas and then I think of a million more to implement them. Sadly, not all of them come in fruition but I try.  I do little things here and there to make most of them a reality and spread them out so my frenz get the benefits. My sissy once remarked that she LOVES getting letters from me cuz they're so much fun :D <---super happy face

New formula:
stuff(awesome)+ vanilla coffee x speed of idea flow = dream


  1. You are awesome. Thought you ought to know...

  2. It sounds like your dream was missing two very important things:

    ME and sex