Sunday, July 31, 2011

I TRULY love this song!! It wrocks SO hard!!

Emma Watson song :) <-----click here for AWESOME!!

I almost forgot!!!!

It's Shark Week!!! Happy swimming, everybody!!


Pottermore opened up last night or VERY early this morning to us Americans. Now I was trolling the internet all night last night to see if anyone got in yet but my email from LeakyCon pretty much told us when to expect it. I fell asleep and woke up 3 HOURS after it opened and Day 1 registration has already been CLOSED!! All of the magical quills have been found. Now I'm going to say something that everyone probably already knows: NEVER underestimate the Harry Potter fandom. We do incredible things daily. Not just with our imaginations but with our hearts.
-do local charity work
-help out other countries that have been struck by disaster
-make Harry Potter trending topics everyday on Twitter
-crash websites cuz we REALLY want to get in
-make Wizard Wrock albums list on Billboard
so I'm not SURPRISED that I didn't get in after a nap. I'm disappointed! I wanted to be sorted today. I wanted a wand today. I wanted a really cool login name like theycallmeStanShunpike :(

7 books. 7 days. 7 chances.

1 Queen to rule them all.

Well played, Jo Rowling. Well played.

Happy Birthday, Jo Rowling!!


Happy Birthday, Harry James Potter!!!

You'll ALWAYS be the Chosen One!! <3

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Happy Birthday, Neville!!

Can't WAIT to party tonight in Hogsmeade!!

Nerdy thing I did today....

Decided to add a new feature to my blog called "Nerdy thing I did today" and try to keep it up for a full year. I'm pretty sure I do multiple nerdy things a day but I thought it'd be cool to admit some of it and allow my lovlies to comment and maybe admit something they did as well. Gonna continue to fight suck every day!! DFTBA= Don't forget to be matter how NERDY you are or aren't :)

So, without further ado, the Nerdy thing I did today was try to convince my coworker to love Wizard Wrock by bringing a cd I made with a mix of different songs :)

What nerdy thing did you do today?

Friday, July 29, 2011

Cooking is NOT for princesses....

It's official. I can't cook.

 My Monkey Man went to Fry's.
 I said "Finish cooking dinner when you get back"
He said "No it's easy. You can do it."
Famous. Last. Words.

The steak was so bad, I couldn't even eat it. And I was hungry. The boys ate theirs. Of course, they ate from steak #2 which PROBABLY came out better than steak #1 for some unknown reason. Or maybe they were STARVING. I'll take the latter.
My Monkey Man came home and ate his. I asked him if he liked it. He said "Steak sauce cures all." Nice.

Although, there IS good news. I did NOT start a fire :) Which HAS happened before. And I freaked out. Luckily, my mom was there and she put it out in a snap.

I'm just not meant to be a house elf. I was meant to be spoiled and rich so I can have a butler. And a private chef. And a maid. /giggle

I once read a Sex and the City quote that said "The only thing I've ever successfully made in the kitchen is a mess. And several small fires." It was uttered by Carrie Bradshaw who, as you probably already know, is a bachlorette. I told my husband that if I was single, I'd starve. Or eat out every day. So I'd either be really thin....or morbidly obese. Nice.

Now, according to my friend Jess, I make a mean bowl of chicken noodle soup (from the can) and scrambled eggs with ketchup. yum! I used to think that if it came in a box or a can, I can totally rock it. But that theory became untrue when I made my son some Lipton noodles Fettuccine Alfredo and forgot to put in the seasoning packet. So I put it in at the end and mixed it up. He'll never notice right? He's 12. teenagers eat ANYTHING. Wrong. He said and I quote "You make it different than daddy" with a look of disgust on his face. Sigh

It's not my fault, really! (I have to blame it on the universe here) For a few reasons.

#1. The burner knobbies are most confusing. I think the back burner knobbies should be on the SIDE of the stove or something. Somwhere away from the front ones. Those drawings don't help since they're on the same level as my crotch and my crotch can't read. At least not that I know of.

#2. If you are gonna have a seperate seasoning pack to be applied during cooking, can't you already have it premixed? I mean, is that so HARD?!!?

#3. If you're gonna have a recipe that requires spices, can u give a definiton of what the spice tastes like? I mean, not EVERYONE likes Thyme or even knows how to pronounce it.

#4. Can you offer an alternate spice that actually tastes GOOD?

#5. I can't be bothered to WATCH the water boil. It takes SOOOO long. I'll put it on and start FBing and then FORGET. So I think water should be boiled at extremely high heat for maximum water boilage. Right?

#6. Why can't food come in pellets that we just pour water on and it becomes a three-course meal? Don't we HAVE THE TECHNOLOGY?!?!?! ( /giggle I've always wanted to say that.)

#7. I'm cute and smart and sugar and spice. And awesome chicks like me shouldn't HAVE to cook. We'll just READ you the recipe and YOU do it :)

Gotta love the Drive-In

Transformers!! More than meets the eye!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Getting felt up at the airport.....

.....sounds like FUN! And, according to a couple of male friends of mine, we should get to CHOOSE who pats us down. Now, I did fly recently but I was not given the honor of a pat down. Not sure if I should be offended by this or not. I got nothing. No x-ray, no pat down, no shoulder brush. I feel cheated.

I was actually a total noob about the whole process. For one thing, I didn't know you were supposed to take your shoes off. I didn't know it until I saw the guy in front of me do it and then the sign on the xray machine that said "Put your shoes on the belt directly". I know...I'm lame but the good news is I was wearing cute socks cuz I ALWAYS were cute socks and most people's socks were lame. So THERE! Take THAT airport snobs!

BTW, I'm a sock lover so feel free to send me some socks as a prezzie :) K thx!

Carmen the Great....

I know this chick named Carmen
that is like no one on Earth
She's cool. She's fun. She's daring
And she's probably been this way since birth

We were school friends though not very close
I really didn't know what a friend were
But now my eyes have opened
Although without my glasses, life's pretty much a blur

Carmen, I love how unique you are
I love your adventurous side
I love how you're up for anything
And you put your fears aside

I wrote you a poem just because I felt the urge
to say how special you are in a different way
I can't for you to come visit me again
So we can laugh and play :)

NERDS!! lol

CW thinks he burned me but I think this is FABULOUS!! DFTBA!

How much do I love D?

I love D like:

~ a dog loves bacon
~ Linus loves his blanket
~ the tide loves the sand
~ a hobo loves alcohol
~ the dryer loves socks
~ shampoo loves conditioner
~ the trees love the sun
~ a car loves gas
~ a crackwhore loves crack
~ the world loves Chuck Norris

That's a LOT of love!!! <3

The Queen's awesomeness.....

So, a while back I was introduced to this awesome chick through a mutual friend who just happens to be her mom and is also very awesome. We became friends due to our mutual love for Harry Potter and our mutual love for her mom. But now, it's become a much more of a love. A love for each other. A love for awesome. A love for being royals. But then, I quickly discovered how REALLY awesome she is from reading her posts and comments and just plain getting to know her. She is SO awesome she made a music video for a Jimmy Wong contest and posted it on youtube!!! That's so much awesome I can't even BEGIN to describe it! She's awesome even if she's in Slytherin. And I'm so glad to know her and I hope some of her awesome will trickle to me :)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Addendum to my previous blog re: nerd girls

After I posted my previous blog about the unfortunate situation regarding nerd girls being portrayed by models in glasses, it has come to my attention by a FEW people that this isn’t the ONLY problem we face. It’s the COMMERCIALISM as well! My bestie, Cissy, said “Now geek girls are hot and popular and every girl who’s ever watched a single episode of Star Trek thinks she’s one of my kind”. And I agree. Now I LOVE going into the Sanrio store and seeing Hello Kitty with her glasses on saying how she loves nerds but this whole scenario goes both ways. Girls want to say they love nerd boys when, in reality, they don’t ALL look like Clark Kent (and I mean Christopher Reeve cuz that was one HOT nerd boy) and all of us nerd girls don’t look like Victoria Secret models.

Being a nerd girl means:

1. We have a love for some kind of nerd-afilliated hobby such as reading, writing, being in a school band, playing certain video games, playing certain computer games, watching SciFi shows,studying, reading comic books etc.

2. We fangirl over above said items and do it to the best of our ability

3. We wear the proper attire when fangirling such as t-shirts representing said love of nerd girl-affilliated hobby

4. We swoon over nerd boys that are totally worth it in terms of HOTNESS and BRAINY-NESS such as Will Wheaton, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Alex Carpenter, Luke Conard, Jimmy Wong, Rupert Grint (ok these are some of MY faves but you get the point)

5. We tell anyone that will listen of our nerd girl hobbies and watch as they retreat into their minds. But, still, we carry on because to US, THAT’S listening :)

Being a nerd girl does NOT mean:

1. We look like models (well, not 99% of us)

2. We say it just to be cool because, in our experience, being a nerd girl has NEVER been cool.

3. We don’t crave your approval. We have lived our WHOLE lives wishing to be accepted but not on these terms.

4. We are not awesome. We are MADE of awesome and we have other nerd girls and nerdfighters that help us to remember that because sometimes we forget

5. We stand out like a sore thumb. We have kind of made it our life’s mission to fit in amongst the beautiful people so sometimes you might not recognize us so easily.

6. We are commercial. We are not. We have a love of all things nerd and we have done so since birth. So stop PRETENDING you have too!!

And, most of all, STOP putting us on this pretend pedestal. As much as we like the attention, you’re watering us down and making us mainstream. And, frankly, we’re just not comfortable with that.

Well, most of us aren’t. We’re a bit socially-akward at times. And kinda clumsy. And we don’t like crowds. Or the outdoors. OK, I’m done…DFTBA!! <3

When did nerd girls turn into models?!?!

I read a LOT of blogs. I follow Nerdist Chris Hardwick and I subscribe to GeekChicDaily AND The Mary Sue newsletter so I KNOW nerds and I know nerd girls. I’ve pretty much been one my whole life and while I don’t consider myself BEAUTIFUL, I don’t consider myself ugly either. And lately, it seems “nerdism” has pretty much EXPLODED into mainstream and it’s “cool” to be a nerd. Don’t get me wrong. Nerds are AWESOME!! But, now, when I see articles about nerd girls, they’re MODELS in glasses PRETENDING to read. As if nerds didn’t need another reason to feel inadequate, now we have to contend with what America thinks nerd girls look like. Yes, we wear glasses. Yes, we’re beautiful (some of us more than others) but no, we don’t ALL look like models. Some of us have body image issues starting back from when it was NOT cool to be a geek girl. I see guys posting stuff like “I love nerd girls” “I love gamer girls” and that’s great, but WHAT is it you REALLY love about nerd girls? Hopefully, it’s our brains because, otherwise, you might be a bit disappointed. Our beauty comes from WITHIN. From within our heads, within our souls and within our hearts. In that respect, I promise you’ll be completely satisfied :) Nerdfighters, UNITE!! We ARE beatiful!! But we are NOT models!! And we’re quite proud of that :)

DFTBA!! <3