Wednesday, July 27, 2011

When did nerd girls turn into models?!?!

I read a LOT of blogs. I follow Nerdist Chris Hardwick and I subscribe to GeekChicDaily AND The Mary Sue newsletter so I KNOW nerds and I know nerd girls. I’ve pretty much been one my whole life and while I don’t consider myself BEAUTIFUL, I don’t consider myself ugly either. And lately, it seems “nerdism” has pretty much EXPLODED into mainstream and it’s “cool” to be a nerd. Don’t get me wrong. Nerds are AWESOME!! But, now, when I see articles about nerd girls, they’re MODELS in glasses PRETENDING to read. As if nerds didn’t need another reason to feel inadequate, now we have to contend with what America thinks nerd girls look like. Yes, we wear glasses. Yes, we’re beautiful (some of us more than others) but no, we don’t ALL look like models. Some of us have body image issues starting back from when it was NOT cool to be a geek girl. I see guys posting stuff like “I love nerd girls” “I love gamer girls” and that’s great, but WHAT is it you REALLY love about nerd girls? Hopefully, it’s our brains because, otherwise, you might be a bit disappointed. Our beauty comes from WITHIN. From within our heads, within our souls and within our hearts. In that respect, I promise you’ll be completely satisfied :) Nerdfighters, UNITE!! We ARE beatiful!! But we are NOT models!! And we’re quite proud of that :)

DFTBA!! <3

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