Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Addendum to my previous blog re: nerd girls

After I posted my previous blog about the unfortunate situation regarding nerd girls being portrayed by models in glasses, it has come to my attention by a FEW people that this isn’t the ONLY problem we face. It’s the COMMERCIALISM as well! My bestie, Cissy, said “Now geek girls are hot and popular and every girl who’s ever watched a single episode of Star Trek thinks she’s one of my kind”. And I agree. Now I LOVE going into the Sanrio store and seeing Hello Kitty with her glasses on saying how she loves nerds but this whole scenario goes both ways. Girls want to say they love nerd boys when, in reality, they don’t ALL look like Clark Kent (and I mean Christopher Reeve cuz that was one HOT nerd boy) and all of us nerd girls don’t look like Victoria Secret models.

Being a nerd girl means:

1. We have a love for some kind of nerd-afilliated hobby such as reading, writing, being in a school band, playing certain video games, playing certain computer games, watching SciFi shows,studying, reading comic books etc.

2. We fangirl over above said items and do it to the best of our ability

3. We wear the proper attire when fangirling such as t-shirts representing said love of nerd girl-affilliated hobby

4. We swoon over nerd boys that are totally worth it in terms of HOTNESS and BRAINY-NESS such as Will Wheaton, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Alex Carpenter, Luke Conard, Jimmy Wong, Rupert Grint (ok these are some of MY faves but you get the point)

5. We tell anyone that will listen of our nerd girl hobbies and watch as they retreat into their minds. But, still, we carry on because to US, THAT’S listening :)

Being a nerd girl does NOT mean:

1. We look like models (well, not 99% of us)

2. We say it just to be cool because, in our experience, being a nerd girl has NEVER been cool.

3. We don’t crave your approval. We have lived our WHOLE lives wishing to be accepted but not on these terms.

4. We are not awesome. We are MADE of awesome and we have other nerd girls and nerdfighters that help us to remember that because sometimes we forget

5. We stand out like a sore thumb. We have kind of made it our life’s mission to fit in amongst the beautiful people so sometimes you might not recognize us so easily.

6. We are commercial. We are not. We have a love of all things nerd and we have done so since birth. So stop PRETENDING you have too!!

And, most of all, STOP putting us on this pretend pedestal. As much as we like the attention, you’re watering us down and making us mainstream. And, frankly, we’re just not comfortable with that.

Well, most of us aren’t. We’re a bit socially-akward at times. And kinda clumsy. And we don’t like crowds. Or the outdoors. OK, I’m done…DFTBA!! <3


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