Sunday, July 31, 2011


Pottermore opened up last night or VERY early this morning to us Americans. Now I was trolling the internet all night last night to see if anyone got in yet but my email from LeakyCon pretty much told us when to expect it. I fell asleep and woke up 3 HOURS after it opened and Day 1 registration has already been CLOSED!! All of the magical quills have been found. Now I'm going to say something that everyone probably already knows: NEVER underestimate the Harry Potter fandom. We do incredible things daily. Not just with our imaginations but with our hearts.
-do local charity work
-help out other countries that have been struck by disaster
-make Harry Potter trending topics everyday on Twitter
-crash websites cuz we REALLY want to get in
-make Wizard Wrock albums list on Billboard
so I'm not SURPRISED that I didn't get in after a nap. I'm disappointed! I wanted to be sorted today. I wanted a wand today. I wanted a really cool login name like theycallmeStanShunpike :(

7 books. 7 days. 7 chances.

1 Queen to rule them all.

Well played, Jo Rowling. Well played.


  1. Apparently some fans are bragging about having TWO accounts. How very very low. I'm a Slytherin and even I wouldn't do that. It is just scummy. Those people should have the cruciatus curse placed upon them!

  2. haha check out the capcha! I think it agreed about the curse. It even suggests fire.

  3. haha That's awesome!! I agree. Sharing is caring. Meanies!!