Monday, October 31, 2011

It's the Great Halloween blog post, Charlie Brown!

Happy Halloween, boys and ghouls!!

Today is the day we all put on our alter-ego outfits and, if you're a woman, show off our assets for cheap tricks and treats. I  always plan to be something super cool for Halloween but since my birthday is a few days before and my son's right after mine, I never put much money or effort behind it becuz I have to buy him and myself prezzies. YES! I buy myself prezzies! Who doesn't?!?!
Anyway, this year I got up off of my bootie and searched for a costume. Went to like 2 different stores and everything! just like all the other Halloween costume searchers. AND I got the most awesomest costume EVER! A ninja hood and a katana. It came in a set for like $10 and all I have to do is provide the black clothing! Which I have plenty of cuz black is very slimming if you MUST know :P

Every year, me and husband fight over who is taking the kids trick-or-treating and every year I get picked cuz the boys love me more and want me with them. But, this year, I guilted them into picking daddy. I complained about how it's so far to walk because nobody really gives out candy and I have to walk ALL OVER the neighborhood just to get them a decent haul and my feet are always aching while Daddy is sitting on his ass watching basketball (usually :( ) and handing out candy. So the boys felt so sorry for me, they picked daddy and told him it was his turn! Yay me!!

I always get annoyed because we always give out good candy and my kids come home with generic shit so I always tell my husband not to buy the good candy but he always does. Yesterday, we were out shopping and he said he needed more candy so I grabbed a box of 50 Halloween fruit snacks in the generic Target Brand and he was like "No, babe. I only buy name brand candy. That's not how I roll" and I was like "But but but there's 50 in here!" and gave him my innocent eyes and he sighed and put the box in the basket. tee hee I'm saving myself money and getting back at those little brat's parents for not buying the good candy. Shame on you if you buy cheap candy!! And shame on you MORE for not handing out candy but sending your kids out to collect! That's like accepting Christmas prezzies and not buying any for anyone! FOR SHAME!!

The boys are extremely excited for tonight and will be gallavanting around the entire neighborhood as a phantom, Harry Potter and Luigi Mario. And I don't know what daddy is going to be yet but I'm gonna be slicing and dicing little brats as a ninja! HIYAAAAA!!!

Ooh ya....and giving out generic Halloween fruit snacks. HIYAAAAAA!!!


  1. your house is going to get egged! Your house was probably the only house these poor deprived brats had to look forward to. Now you see what you have done?

  2. I don't roll with generic candy either. I know it's cheaper but man I think about how I hate those cheapo's who give away candy corn - or pennies! Yet, I understand, especially in this economy that spending less on candy is very practical and should not be viewed negatively.

    But ultimately, I'm with Marcos on this.

    In other news - I want pics of you and your sexy Ninja self!

  3. You're awesome, Scar! I would totally come to your house! I would love it if your kids came to mine too, but this year I'm turning off the light and hiding - to be fair, it's not really done in the UK, and last year none of the kids said 'trick or treat' or 'thank you', so it was beyond rubbish! I don't need to give you free sweeties! When I lived in the US, I always bought name-brand candy, I gotta say, I side with Marcos on that one... I think there's a saying 'treat others as you wish to be treated...' It's hard to follow that one sometimes when you feel like they don't deserve it, but I'm glad to hear you're a bigger person than that!! xxx