Tuesday, January 3, 2012


So 2 of my frenzies are having giveaways on their bloggies and I thought maybe I'd have another one too just cuz they're fun. And I told Cissy and she said maybe she'll have one too so we can be cool also. We're not above the influence, as you can see. So, while I ponder over whether to have another giveaway, I thought I'd share the linkies with you so you can enter and get free stuff. YAY YOU!!

The first one is a giveaway for a lip glossy from my bestie, Isolde. Here's the linkie to that one: Isolde Beauty Giveaway :)

The second one is a giveaway for SteamPunk jewelry and another surprise gift from my good friend, Ems. Here's the linkie for that one: Living Fabulous Giveaway

So good luck and I'll let you know what I come up with soon :)

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