Friday, December 30, 2011

2012 is almost here ( My Fun Picture Bloggy)

Most days, I hear a majority of the people saying that they can't WAIT to end 2011. This makes me have a bit of a sadness becuz I actually ENJOYED 2011.

In 2011, I had some of the best times in my life!!! And, it made me realize, that if I'm going to think back on 2011 fondly, I might as well do it out loud :)

In early 2011, I bought the FULL version of World of Warcraft and started my long and arduous journey to Level 85 which I ACCOMPLISHED recently!! Score 1 for me :)

Me and my Monkey Man (seen here) celebrated ANOTHER year (Lucky 13) of our crazy ass marriage. If you've ever been married or know any married people, you know it takes a lot of work and a bit of your sanity to make a marriage last THIS damn long :P

In May of 2011, me and my Monkey Man took the boys to Free Comic Book Day and they had a GREAT time and I got LOTS of great stuff!!! Next year, we're gonna score bigger! (We have high hopes LoL)

This summer, in preparation for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, I got my mommy (seen here in her Hufflepuff garb) to not only READ Harry Potter but fall in love with it and agree to have Harry Potter movie viewing parties with me. :) We even had a Sorting Ceremony. It was so much fun!!

This summer, me and my Monkey Man decided we'd introduce our monkey babies (shown here) to some new and enjoyable things. We introduced them to frozen yogurt, took them to the Drive-In, took them to Chuck E Cheese and didn't make them eat pizza (We learned it's cheaper and more tiresome for them if we buy only tokens and let them play until they run out), took them to the Farmer's Market, took them to the comic book store for $1 comics, and basically spent so much time with them that when me and him went on vacation withOUT them, they were glad to be rid of us! :D Mission Accomplished!!

AND THEN THERE WAS LEAKYCON 2011!!! One of the most AMAZINGLY dorky things I've ever enjoyed!! I had  a couple of really awesome things happen to me while I was in Orlando so I'll share those with you now:

#1 awesome thing:

Meeting one of my besties, Cissy (seen here) in REAL LIFE. She's as awesome and beautiful in person as she is online :) I also met my friend Daniel (not seen here) in real life and the 4 of us (including my Monkey Man) had the BEST time talking about EVERYTHING!!

#2 awesome thing:

I got to go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter while I was in Orlando and it was so awesome!! But the BEST part was, while in Ollivander's, I got chosen to get the experience!!!!! I kinda made of fool of myself cuz when he asked me what my name was, I kinda looked around and then said "Me?" and everybody laughed. Yup. Story of my life >.<

In 2011, I attended a BUNCH of book signings cuz I love books and I love authors and I love book stores. So YAY!!

My little-ist Monkey baby, Devyn, broke his arm in October. Minus 1 for me LoL

BUT, October also marked another birthday for me and an awesome zombeh birthday party courtesy of my Monkey Man. YAY for birthdays close to Halloween!!

In November, my sissy (seen here) and her hubby came down and we went to ComicCon together!! We were dressed not as those nerds from Paul ( <-- linky) but as Hogwarts school girls which isn't nerdy AT ALL!

Then we had Happy JoJo Day and that was fun LoL

Then we had Christmas and got all kinds of great stuff and made it really awesome for the kids and had lots of food!! YAY!!

Now, I'm not saying that this year didn't have any DOWNs cuz it did but it just made the UPs that much better. I met some truly great new friends and lost some as well. But, don't we all? I just thought if I shared all of the great things that happened to me this year then, maybe, you could see the great things that happened to you this year. I am actually a bit sad to see this year go but I have many things to look forward to this coming year.

Happy New Year, my lovlies!! I hope it's BETTER than this year!!


  1. What a wonderful post! Not only because I'm in it but because it is a wonderful wrap up of some highlights. I really love this!

    Man, I might steal this idea myself. ^_^

  2. Go for it!! I tried to post it on Fb but it won't let me. Booo LoL

  3. That was well said my princess loved how you reflected on the year.AWESOME, major good karma for you on for seeing all the great things that happens in ones life.

  4. What an amazing year! I loved reading this. Hope 2012 is just as awesome if not more so! x

  5. Yaay for level 85! Be careful though... that game can suck you in like NO OTHER! :)

  6. Don't I know it!! LoL Thanks for reading my bloggy :)