Thursday, December 1, 2011

Random Acts of Awesome: My VERY first giveaway :)

Guess what, blog fans?!? I am having my very FIRST giveaway!! Yay!!! Since my blog is random, so shall the prize be :) Not only is it random, it's also a SURPRISE!! Intrigued? I thought so.

In order to be eligible for this random prize, there are a few simple rules. I know, even random acts of awesome have rules. Find the one that applies to you and follow the rule.
 Here they are:

1. If you already follow my blog either by email or Blogger, leave ONE comment telling me a random act of awesome that you have done recently.

2. If you are a newbie follower and you follow me by email, that email must be VERIFIED. Then leave me ONE comment telling me a random act of awesome that you have done recently. Make sure you put your name if you leave a comment as Anonymous.

3. If you are a newbie follower and you follow me through Blogger, leave me ONE comment telling me a random act of awesome that you have done recently.

Now, don't be discouraged by the random prize and the fact that the prize is a surprise. It's not a used piece of gum or anything like that. As fun as that would be, I'm not THAT cruel :) There is another way to put your name in the drawing. That is to RT my tweet about the contest on Twitter and leave me another comment but this time add your Twitter handle. Don't have Twitter or don't follow me on Twitter? That's ok. You can also SHARE my Facebook post about the contest and leave another comment with your name.
OR: you can do ALL OF THE ABOVE to enter more times.
And just to make this even MORE fun, the theme of this random giveaway is STAR WARS. The prize is random and it involves Star Wars.

This contest ends Saturday December 3rd at 10am CST so get moving!!! :D


  1. I have two already but they just don't know it yet

  2. Oh I forgot act of awesomeness I made a turkey dinner last night with all the sides just like Thanksgiving. Where's that prize at?

  3. Oh awesome! Old follower here.

    Hmmm...random act of awesome...does it count that I made rice krispy treats for my nephews and let them eat them first?! :P

    Also retweeted your Tweet. :D @Darth_chic

  4. You wouldn't even need to send me anything - I just think the fact that it is Star Wars is too cool! Random act of awesomeness? I guess that is different than my non-random acts of awesomeness?! How about giving baby clothes and toys to an expectant family who cannot afford them?

  5. I filled in at the last second for a shift to work Christmas morning so that my co-worker can spend time with his kids.

    Jaymarc "No One Ever Pays Me In Gum"...Lucas

  6. I made an ill Scarlett smile today. :)

    I reorganized our DVD's, sold some we don't watch, and made some moulah! :)

  7. Let's see... I went into work for a rehearsal even tho I took the day off. That count, doesn't it?