Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Hitting 85 is the Scariest Thing I've Ever Done....

Last night, I achieved what I thought was the impossible. I hit level 85. For those of you not in the know, so far, level 85 is the highest you can go in the game.

I started playing a little over a year ago. According to my Guildies, it takes approx. 2 weeks to hit 85. So I didn't exactly break any records except for maybe Longest Amount of Time a Toon Has Taken to Cap. Of that, I'm sure, I'm the winner. But it's not my fault. I work full time and I have 3 boys and a hubby that need my attention. I have had things in my life that I've had to deal with. And, at times, I just plain didn't feel like playing.
Ok, maybe that last one IS my fault.

The road getting here was LOOOOOONG. It was tough. It was lonely when my Guildes switched servers and I didn't. It was lonelier when most of them stopped playing for a while. And then, last night when most of them took a dinner break, I capped!!! I was SOOOOOOO excited it was all I could do to stifle a scream!!!
And then, I had a sense of "What do I do now?". Apparently, I have to finish leveling my professions and getting geared up for PvP of which I am terribly nervous. My Guildies took me in a battleground once when I first started playing and I ran around and died a lot. They only took me there cuz I was curious as to what it looked like but still. I'm nervous!! Eeek! Seriously. They yell at me sometimes. They yell at each other mostly but ZOMG! I feel like I'm gonna puke. I just know I'm gonna do the wrong thing and kill everyone or aggro EVERYTHING in the vicinity. I did that a couple times in instances. *sigh*

Maybe I'll just stand behind people and try not to aggro anything. Ya, that sounds like a plan :D


  1. I'm sure you'll get the hang of it and become really good at it, sometimes I wondered what was gonna happen when you reached the max level to this game but I see your far from being close to finish this game and just think they'll have that expansion out and than you level up again and by the time you do that another expansion will be out. Go Kung fu Panda!

  2. haha Thanks! I know, I was never anticipating hitting 85 becuz it took so long. Then, remember, last night I sat there like "Now what?" LoL

  3. What a weenie...but now that you can cross realm pvp and pve you should harass us to bring you along.

  4. 85 is just the beginning my friend! PVP is AWESOME, and raiding isn't too bad either! Take it slow, run dungeons at your own pace, and most of all, ignore the asshats you're gonna get in random dungeons- they don't know squat!... annnnd are likey 15 years old and can't play when they're grounded ;)

    Anything you're leary of doing is probably gonna turn out to be a lot easier and way more fun than ya thought, so give it all a try! Oh, and there's so many things to collect and master on the side!

    Lemme know if ya ever need any help, and happy adventuring!

  5. Wow... I wish you luck my dear. I am sure you will have fun in new territories. You ARE the Princess so conquering everything is your right.