Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The History of "JoJo Day"

Jeremy aka JoJo
Once upon a time (translate:yesterday), I put up a post on Facebook asking my World of Warcraft guildies to help me get this dragon mount that I REALLY REALLY want and I tagged what I THOUGHT was all of them that I'm Facebook friends in it. It turns out, I was missing one. Here's how it went down:

6 hours ago
(My actual Facebook post)
There really WAS one person missing: JoJo. See, JoJo doesn't ever comment on my FB posts nor does he follow my blog. In fact, now that I think about it, he's not even my RealID friend. How freaking rude!! Anyway, I still love JoJo despite his lack of interest in my life and I would have included him but I FORGOT that he was my FB friend. Call it a brain blink or whatever you want but it happened and someone *cough* Shane *cough* called me out on it. Here's how THAT went down:
Robert : well we can get you A dragon, its kinda ugly and yellow
Scarlett: The one I have NOW is kinda ugly and stupid. I want a cool one. How do I get one of those?

Shane : how dare u leave out jojo, im not helping u now

Scarlett: ZOmg!! I sure did!!! Jeremy I'm SOOOOO sorry!!! Help me, JoJo!!!!!
Jeremy : I would but I'm too busy flying around on my proto-drake :)

Shane : hahaha
Scarlett: ‎>.< Ur so mean, JoJo!
Robert :I never got my protodrake either :(

Scarlett: ‎:(
Well, later I got on the game and they started giving me crap about not including JoJo on my post and they wouldn't stop. So I said FINE! You want me to include you in my FB posts? Then tomorrow (translate: Wednesday) I will tag you in ALL of my posts and see if you like it. After this, he shouldn't complain E.V.E.R! So, tell your friends and spread the word and let's try to get #HappyJoJoDay trending on Twitter.
(JoJo told me that he doesn't read my blog posts because the font is too hard to read. SO I changed it so he can read THIS! )
Happy now, JoJo?!?


  1. Sadly most are going to think it's a day for that singer chick. Not many realize where jojo came from. Also, I don't usually log into FB until I get home at night. They tend to frown upon time spent on FB at work... I have checked this blog a couple times, but found the font hard to read(although now it is legible) :P I've never added anyone to my RealID, although I could RealID creep through others friends tonight until I find you >:)


  2. YAY!!! JoJo is gonna add me!! I feel so loved :D

  3. Sometimes I wonder what you are up to in that dungeon downstairs in the basement of our palace. After this blog I will not put too much thought into your doings anymore. :)

  4. That is probably a wise idea LoL

  5. I was happy to be a part of #HappyJoJoDay