Monday, August 1, 2011

Ice cream....yum...

Today, I let you guys decide what I should blog about and popular  opinion (meaning 2 people) chose ice cream. Well, technically, one said ice cream and the other one said popsicles. I really didn't know what to say about ice cream except that I love it and I miss eating it all the time. I love Rocky Road and I love hot fudge sundaes and I love Cherry popsicles and I love Fudgesicles not sure how to spell this lol). So what I did was look up some interesting facts about ice cream and popsicles. I learned some pretty cool stuff. Some it's boring so I'm not gonna tell you what that is. Only the cool stuff. I learned:

~That it takes about 50 licks to lick away ONE scoop of ice cream. Which is pretty interesting because I've never counted the licks and I'm wondering who would.I mean, when I get near ice cream, I want to eat it as fast as possible. Thinking I might do this next time though. That's IF I don't get all anxious and start devouring it instantly.

~Of all the days of the week, most ice cream is bought on Sunday. Is that because Sunday sounds like sundae? Or is it because we're so depressed it's almost Monday, we need to eat our feelings? Things that make you go "hmmmm...."

~More men (13%) admit to licking their ice cream bowl clean than women (8%). OK, first of all, I'm a LADY! I'd NEVER admit to doing that.....even if I did. Not that I'm saying I have. Just that I'd never ADMIT I have. And second of all, men are pigs and all that. So, no surprises here.

~July is National Ice Cream Month!! Dammit!! I freaking missed it!!

~ The 3rd Sunday (there's that day again) in July is National Ice Cream Month! Dammit!! I freaking missed it AGAIN!!

~The Twin Popsicle design was invented during the Great Depression so 2 children could eat ice cream for a nickel. Awww.....that's just so sweet! Now, why can't popsicles STILL cost a nickel?!?!?!

~Popsicle sticks are made from birch wood. And here I thought popsicle sticks were made from cedar! I was saving some to build a closet cuz EVERYONE knows closets are made of cedar!!! <---tee hee little movie quote for you :)
P.S. If you guess the movie, I'll buy you an ice cream ;)

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  1. LOVE IT! OMG, I am so craving a cherry popsicle, you have no idea! Oh, and fudgsicles - YUM. Haven't had them in AGES! Have some for me! I did have a hot fudge sundae on a waffle at the weekend. it was AWESOME. When you come visit, I'll take you. It's homemade ice cream! xxx