Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Jade's Blog

Yesterday was Reader's Choice on my blog and I always give you guys the opportunity to tell me what you want to read about and then I choose the one with the most votes. When I originally started this, I did like 5 blogs in one day and most of them were personal blogs and I vowed not to do those again. NOT because I don't love you guys but because I can't possibly keep up with demand. However, yesterday, my sister said she was feeling down and asked if I could write a blog about her to cheer her up. She's feeling stressed and upset and overwhelmed and I've been there. And I'm sure most of you have been there. So here it is. This is Jade's blog.

I can begin by telling you that Jade is not her real name. The name came from a (really bad) fanfic that I wrote. I made a play off of the colors from Gryffindor house, since this was a Harry Potter fanfic, and named myself Scarlett and my sister, being a Slytherin, Jade for the green color. I love that name. I think she IS Jade and me and my friends call her that whenever possible. I'd write that on her mail but then I'm afraid they won't deliver it to her since I'd have to add "Malfoy" as her last name.

Jade and I weren't always as close as we are now. We started off close as children but after years of my torture and abuse, we grew apart. Then, she came back into my life and we were close again as party girls and partners in crime. Then, we moved apart and grew apart. When she started reading Harry Potter at my constant insistance, we grew close again and remain close for the time being. I, for one, hope it doesn't fade away again. I love sharing these experiences with her and having something in common with her. We talk about all things books and nerd and then move on to more personal things just like sisters should. Now the only thing between us is distance. We live in different states. Boo :(

I kind of view Jade as this person that does a lot almost every minute of the day. I mean, even I have moments of laziness but I never see Jade getting lazy moments. She goes to school full-time and spends time with her 2 kids Ray and the Gavinator (who is special in more ways than 1) and her hubby and runs Malfoy Manor so everybody is happy. When I call her someone is always in the background asking for something or she doesn't answer cuz she's doing something. She's SUPER JADE!

And another thing about Jade. She never says "I love you". Whenever I talk to someone, at the end of the conversation I always say "I love you" because I don't want anyone to ever wonder if I love them or not. But Jade is different. I tell her "I love you" and she says "ok" and she never says it back. One day, I caught her slipping though.....or so I thought. She said "I love you too" after I said it and I was so SHOCKED. I immediately told my husband and then we blew it off saying she prob thought for a sec she was talking to her hubby or something in a hurry to get off of the phone. But I still say it whenever I talk to her and she STILL says "OK" and my husband asks me "Did she say it this time?" and I say "No". So I brought it up to her one day and she says to me that she said it on PURPOSE! She said she figures it was overdue since I send her lots of cool toys and prezzies (which I do cuz I'm awesome like that). I'm still in disbelief about that one. I still think maybe she was covering her tracks so she wouldn't have to say it again.

So that's kinda Jade in a nutshell cuz she's not that complicated. She's just kinda nerdy, kinda cool, and kinda slippery. But she's SUPER cuz she's my sister, yo!

I love you, Jade!! DFTBA!!


  1. This made me cry and proud that I have such an awesome family!! I love you all so much Annmarie,Louanne, Suzanne and Andrew.....or whatever you call yourselves!!

  2. I almost cried! I love you guys!

  3. Tell me if she says it.

  4. Awwww *tear* thank you Scarlett! That was Super awesome!!! Thank you , thank you, thank you!!!