Saturday, September 3, 2011

Pre-Con jitters....Oh how you tease me

Hello again, everyone! I know it's been a while since I've blogged. I think I'm starting to get a bit lazy here. Not my fault. Ok, it's my fault. But, in my own defense, I'm busy doing other things like playing WoW and trying to come up with a really cool cosplay for ComicCon. "But it's over" you say. Not here in Austin, it itsn't. See, Wizard World likes to take pity on the smaller "big cities" of the world by giving us our very OWN ComicCon. Like New York, Boston, New Orleans, Austin. There's more but I don't remember them all. They go around about once a month or so and have one in a different city so by the time WE get one, it's almost time for San Diego again. Ok I'm exaggerating but still. It's in November here and, by then, most people don't care about ComicCon anymore. But I do :) I wait and wait and wait and change cosplay ideas about 50x before I find the one I like. This year, I've decided to be Project:Alice from the first Resident Evil movie. Will people recognize me as Alice? I don't know. Nor do I really care. Last year, I went as Talia from the 6th Day and had to explain it a couple of hundred times. Did that discourage me? No. I was really in love with the blue wig :)

Last year's ComicCon was my very first con experience and if you live in an area where there are smaller cons ALL the time and you've NEVER been to one, I HIGHLY recommend you go to a couple before you hit up the giant ones. Just to kinda prepare you for what's in store. I remember getting ready for the con but only slightly. I remember I was REALLY excited and after each step of putting my costume together, my excitement grew! I checked the panel list and didn't really understand the whole "Let's get in line for an hour" thing. Because I was a noob and I hate waiting. So I didn't go to any. I walked around and took pics of cosplayers and bought TONS of $1 and 50cent comics and got some of them signed :) I was soooo happy.

Then, I bought my tickets for LeakyCon. The most AWESOME con on the face of the planet. I was so excited for LeakyCon that when I bought my tickets, I took a picture and thus sent myself into a WHOLE year of pre-con jitters. This one was bigger. It was in a city in a state I'd never been to. It was ALL Harry Potter!! There were going to be cosplayers there but I made the decision not to dress up because of the heat. I know heat and humidity because I live in Texas but Orlando is a WHOLE different animal. It's awful humid there. Nasty! So I didn't want to be in costume and be sweating bullets under it. But that doesn't mean I still wasn't excited....or nervous. Orlando is MUCH bigger than Austin. There were people there from different COUNTRIES let alone different cities. I didn't know what to expect. Would I get lost? Would I be able to do all the things I wanted to do? Would I have to wait in line for 10 hours? I was nervous/excited every DAY that got closer to LeakyCon. So I turned my nervousness into writing and then into prepping. A year is a long time to be nervous so some days, I just ignored it. But then, I'd get an email from Leaky about something new at the con and it'd start right back up again!

Today, my bestie is at Dragon*Con and she had pre-con jitters for like 3 weeks. In fact, this blog is her idea. On Mondays, I have Reader's Choice on the topic and this is hers. Everything she wrote on Facebook, everything she tweeted, every picture she posted,  everything she said resonated nervousness and excitement about Dragon*con. It was so easy to get caught up in it, it almost felt like I was going to. I started to get excited. i started to get nervous. I even started planning for my ComicCon experience this year which is in 2 more months. Dragon*Con is so much bigger than any con I've ever been to and I can't IMAGINE what that's like but it seems like it would be exciting times 100!! I've been watching new season of The Guild and now i want to go to MegaGameO'RamaCon!!

Holler if you love cons!!! WEWT!


  1. Sometimes I wonder if you are the same person I see on the streets of Austin but then I see an book in your purse stick out and yup it's the same kidd I know.

  2. If your Alice - you know you need to bring a zombie with you to complete the costume

  3. Pre-con jitters are both exhausting and wonderful. They are part of the experience! I have been doing cons a decade now and I STILL get pre-con jitters! Every con is different. The jitters never leave.

  4. One of these years, I *will* get to a con. I simply MUST! Maybe Leaky next year, or ComicCon. We'll see, but it will happen eventually! (ooh, and then we could all meet up and play!!)