Sunday, September 4, 2011

Movies.....My Oh-so Guilty Pleasures

Once upon a time, in a galaxy far far away, my Monkey Man Participated in Reader's Choice and voted for me to blog about movies. Well, being the busy busy Jedi that I am, I told him that I owed him one because Jade needed a blog more than he did. Now, I often get an array of blog requests on this special day of the week ranging from the specific (like pre-con jitters) to the so-non specific (like movies or coffee). So this blog is from the "non-specific" category with my own twist. Instead of a blog about "movies", I've chosen to embarrass myself and make some nerd-fessions about my guilty pleasure movies.

I have many, and I'm sure you do too, but there are a specific few that hold a special place in my heart for one reason or another. The first one is Steel Magnolias. Now, I might have a country name but I'm NOT from the country. I'm not even from the South even though I live here now. I'm from freaking Cali! I'm not even sure Texas is considered a Southern state. Maybe Mid-West. I don't know. I hate geography. Moving on. This movie holds a special place in my heart because my mom and my 2 sisters and my little brother and I can quote this movie line for line. This is one movie that we'll all actually watch together and not talk during except to quote it because we'll be damned if me miss our favorite lines. And there are MANY gems in this one. Those Southern girls really could make you laugh and cry in the same scene.

The second one is Hook. Now, I like this movie for a variety of different reasons and none of them have to do with knowing all of the lines. Because, for some reason, I don't have all of the lines memorized. Only some. This movie reminds me of my younger days. I remember when Julia Roberts was cast as Tinkerbell and how she looked in that scene when she became big and was wearing that pretty dress and she kissed Peter Pan and he dissed her. That's when he started remembering where he was and remembering that he had kids and a wife and that kisses were REAL and not thimbles that we gave in lieu of them. But the thing that strikes my fancy even today is Dante Basco as Rufio. I had a crush on him even though he gave Peter Pan a hard time. And I was yelling the loudest Ru-Ru-Rufioooooooo!!

The third one HAS to be Troop Beverly Hills. Now I did not grow up rich, nor am I rich now, but for some reason, I can relate to this movie in a number of ways. For one, some of us can be considered outcasts no matter our place in life. Whether we're poor or rich, skinny or fat, beautiful or not. In this case, the rich girls were considered the outcasts amongst the other troops due to their inexperience with the outdoors.Which ANY geek can relate to since we spend the majority of our time indoors. Secondly, Shelly Long is just an awesomely cool mom that's DETERMINED to help these girls succeed even if they just sell more cookies than anyone else. And who doesn't want a mom like THAT? And, lastly, I just REALLY want to be a Wilderness Girl <3

I'll come out and give you ONE more movie. Not because I like to make a fool of myself in front of the entire interwebz (not that the entire interwebz is reading this cuz they're not) but because I like you guys. YOU. The ones reading this. Because I know you care enough to read this and beacuse I know YOU like it when I make a fool of myself. So here it is. Guilty Pleasure movie #4: Hocus Pocus. This movie is not a part of the geek mainstream but, frankly, I wish it were. In fact, I wish ALL of these movies were so I wouldn't have to sit and hide in The Burrow and watch them.....alone. However, ABC Family DOES show this movie every year around HAlloween and I always make sure to watch it. Because I love it. Because to me, it's timeless. Even though, at times, it can be a bit cheesy but to watch Penny Marshall get pissed at Gary Marshall while he's dressed as Satan cuz he's dancing with Sarah Jessica Parker and he's all "They call me Master" and she says "Wait till you see what I'm gonna call you" is SOOOOO freaking funny!! That whole scene is funny. Like when she first comes in and she's all "Aren't you broads a little old to be trick-or-treating?" I wish I could say that line JUST once in an appropriate situation. Of course, not ONE where there's a younger chick dancing with my husband but, you know.

So there's my list of movies that are guilty pleasures. I actually have more but I think you get the hint that I watch a variety of movies for different reasons. I'm sure you do too so MAYBE you could leave a comment and tell me YOUR favorite "guilty pleasure" movie. I would love that :)


  1. I see why your guilty! I may have to do a rebuttal blog with mine :-)

  2. I would of thought Overboard would of made the list but what do I know and my guilty pleasure movie is Secondhand Lions. CORN CORN CORN CORN CORN!

  3. I love love love guilty pleasure movies! I might seriously do my version of this post over on my blog.

    You're awesome, Lou!!

  4. OMG! I loved Hook too! I just loved it! I think I have it on DVD at my mom's house.

    I can't think of any guilty pleasure films I love. I'm not really embarrassed, but generally no one knows what I'm talking about - I'm that geek :P I suppose the best I can say is that I actually own 17 again (with Zac Effron) on DVD. I did get it on sale for £2, but it's actually a good film!