Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Your nerdness > mine

This week, for Reader's Choice, the winner was Star Wars vs. Star Trek with Dave suggesting it and Ems giving me an enthusiastic "YA!". Now, this got me thinking about the parameters of my nerdness. Because, you see, I don't do EVERY nerd thing listed in the book (and there IS a book) simply because I hate to follow rules. And this includes "Nerd" rules. Like, for instance, I have never seen an episode of FireFly. I know, this news is probably breaking hearts as we speak but it's the truth. I don't watch too much a lot of tv and now that I can DVR everything, I watch even LESS. (I REALLY need to catch up) So, I thought I would make a short list of the "nerd" things that I don't, or have never, enjoyed.

1. I have not watched very many episodes of Star Trek. This is WHY this blog is NOT about Star Wars vs. Star Trek. I cannot tell you all the differences except that there was a Wookie that got the shaft on Star Wars and that, as far as I know, no incest on Star Trek.
Side note: I have seen episodes of Star Trek TNG because I love Will Wheaton and I have a crush on Patrick Stewart's voice >.<

2. I love comics but I'm not going out to watch every Superhero movie because you guys say it's "awesome". Too many times have I been fooled by this word. Too many times....
And I don't just buy superhero comics. I buy ALL KINDS of comics. Even Strawberry Shortcake with the scratch and sniff covers :)
Side note: I will be purchasing the new reboot of Justice League #1 shortly. I did not go to the midnight realease party because there was a cover and I had to work. I only go sleepless for video games and Harry Potter.

3. I love manga and anime but I don't collect Pokemon or Bakugan (or however the hell you spell this) or watch Dragonball Z Kai cuz that guys buff body and small head creeps me out.

4. I don't know sh*t about computers and I wish people would stop asking me what kind of computer I have like the model I have is some kind of super computer that you should buy cuz I'm smarter than you. NO! It's a HP. Bought it from Best Buy. Go buy whatever u want!

And finally, #5. I suck at math.

There! I said it. I confessed that I'm not as big of a nerd as you think I am. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go pet my Gumby comics. :)


  1. your the prettiest nerd i ever met FYI and I love Alf he's my patronum there I confessed one of my nerdness. :)

  2. Wow - So not what I meant by Star wars Vs Star Trek. If the only take-away you got from Star Wars is that Chebacca - come on you couldnt even get the Wookie's name - was screwed and there was incest (OK I guess that is a little ewww, especially when she knew all along) then you need to stop what your doing and go watch - now. All 6 episodes - but start from #4, yes, you will soon understand. Aside from that, what Superhero movies that were supposedly awesome ended up not being as such. I know Green Hornet sucked so bad it could have been a lolipop - but I havent heard anyone say that it was awesome! Also, I have never seen Firefly - bt loved the Serenity movie - go figure.

  3. Waaaaaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!

    My old roommate forced me to watch the entire Firefly series and then go to Serenity. Hated it all. So I suppose I'm not as 'nerd' as I'd like to think. I also don't do comics or anime. *gasp*

    However! Before my nerd-cred is shot to pieces, I own the entire series of TNG, all the Star Wars (though I'm boycotting the new BluRay releases because of stupid changes-dude. Darth Vader does NOT need to shout as he tosses the Emperor. Holla.) plus a whole bunch of superhero flicks. I'm more of a sci-fi/fantasy nerd than anything. I'M pondering the idea of doing a Star Trek vs. Star Wars post...

  4. None of this surprises me! None of us are everything-geeks! Nothing wrong with that. I am glad that you can always speak your mind, and never feel ashamed of who you are and what you like (or don't know anything about!) XXX

  5. I don't follow rules either!
    The more I read about your "nerd" blogs the more I realize that I also have a nerd in me. Did I just type that out loud??
    Thanks Lou. Thanks for turning on a "diffrent" light....

  6. I didn't know Super Heros and Dragon Ball Z was nerdy? I just thought it was another boyish thing I enjoyed like, racing cars and NASCAR. Hmmmm...